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building_hrBook a reservation at Steam Train Hotel. That way, you can come for the recreational pot and kick back and relax with no where to be and no where to go—unless you want to!

Steam Train Hotel is across the street from 420 Green Genie. Park one time. Shop. Walk to your room. Easy peasy.

Once you’ve settled in, partake in the privacy of your room. Then, step outside to the hotel’s upstairs deck and enjoy scenic views, sunshine, and cool evenings with no humidity. Perfect.

Please note that Colorado law prohibits marijuana use in public areas. That includes public areas within the hotel. Also, the Steam Train Hotel is a no-smoking facility. You will need to bring your vaporizer (or rent one) if you wish to smoke in your hotel room.


upstairsdeck1 upstairsdeck2

The Steam Train Hotel offers a variety of room types. Depending upon the guest register for the evening, 420-friendly rooms may be available in different sections of the Steam Train Hotel. You’ll have to ask to find out what is available. Call them at 719-298-8908.

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