History Of the 420 Green Genie

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The 420 Green Genie was opened August 20 2015

Story Behind The 420 Green Genies Name:

Some people think that I named the store after my middle name which is Jeanne, but they are wrong. I named the shop after my mother Jeanne. If you get the rare privilege of meeting her she looks like a prettier version of our logo and looks like my sister with blond hair  “wink, wink”. But seriously she looks a lot like me. My mother will turn red and start giggling just nicely ask her to tell you the story behind it, she won’t mind.

In 2013 Jeanne came to Antonito from Wisconsin to see what she could do with our family  assets down here. My father had lent money to a contractor of his to buy these properties. He was great at construction and had very little knowledge of business. So the business where lets say not doing that good. After his wife left they went down hill and where good as drug dens. After his death my parents stepped in to deal with the mess he had caused. She only have a few choices sell them at bottom dollar and lose money, board them up or push forward.

She had already cleaned up the building and the reputation when the town of Antonito voted marijuana in. Inishaly it was her goal to put the store in. She started working on the project really hard, doing all the paperwork, when Paul and my self came down to visit from Red Cliff, Colorado. I could tell my mother needed help badly and we decided to put in our letters of resignation at our jobs and move back to Antonito.

My mother had an few interviews for a manager and hired one (at this time she was still planning on owning it). I was horrified at the guy. Thats when I stepped in I realized my mother was control busy didn’t know the first thing about pot and if this business was going to succeed it need someone who loves and cares about it.

So in honer of my mother and her putting the wheels in motion I named it after her 420 GREEN GENIE.





The story behind the $9 a gram:

Before we opened the 420 Green Genie High Valley opened their doors about a month before us. My mother is social unlike me who tries to keep to my self and was being social with across the street. Dian told my mother that we both needed to keep our prices starting at $16 a gram. My mother just blew this off, and never told it to me probably thinking it was just a suggestion or not relevant.

On our opening day we where crazy busy with lines before we opened, as we struggled to learned the computer system and had on the job training by throwing us into sink or swim mode, it was organized craziness. Mid day Dian came over and paid me a visit. I was woking the register (because I was learning the computer to teach everyone else). I had no clue who she was until I noticed the red Owners badge on her neck when she was sitting in the waiting room. When she walked in she introduced her self. At first she nicely made a few suggestions about my exit labeling. Then she asked about my pricing. I told her I am  having a temporary sale and after the week I would raise my prices a bit. That when her fake sweetness disappeared and she sternly told me I needed to rase my prices, or we would have problems. I was like “what” ??? “why $16 ” ???? its my store, I can do what I want as long as its legal???? WTF??? and was confused. Being a border town I guess we could have had higher prices but I personally hate it when stuff has the price jacked up just to tax you for location etc. So i tried to keep my prices the same as Denvers market. Not to mention I think its morally wrong and to the best of my knowledge illegal. When business collaborate and keep their prices the same its called a  monopoly which is illegal.

wA week and a day later (I only remember because of the occasion) she stoped by while we where having my sons birthday party with his relatives and a few staff members. We had just gotten done singing happy birthday and cutting the cake when dian came bursting in and was quite heated. She was loudly telling us we have to raise our prices. We had to escorted her off of our preemies. We only where planning on keeping everything at $9 a gram for the first week as a opening special. But after our interactions with Dian, thinking long and hard about it 1 chose to keep our weed at $9 a gram.

In this picture you can see i think we where planning on having three prices. The first would be Bronze at $9 the next would be Silver at $12 and gold at $16. But after that i have alway tried to keep my prices at $9. Occasionally the market fluctuates in price. Fall and Winter 2016 i really struggled to keep my prices that low. Pot was at a whopping 4000 a LB. To survive and keep almost everything at $9 i temporarily started charging $1.00 per containers. If you brought yours back the price would stay the same. If you forgot we would charge you. Plus i had no choice but to temporarily introduce temporary a $12 gram over i think it was 23% (it was rare to see weed over 25% back then.

(disclosure I have nothing against my neighbors. I am just telling the story behind our $9 gram)