IMG_4658The Basics

Anyone over the age of 21 can purchase marijuana; but, you must show us your valid government-issued id or passport.

Q: Are there limits to how much I can buy?

A: People with a Colorado ID can buy up to an ounce of marijuana at a time. It used to be limited, but now, people with an out-of-state ID can also buy up to a ounce at a time.

Q: Can I make multiple purchases on the same day?

A: Yes. The only cap on how much you can buy is the legal possession limit: No one who is not a medical-marijuana patient can possess more than an ounce of marijuana at a time. But that’s up to the customer to abide by. There’s nothing in the state’s rules for recreational marijuana stores that requires stores to track customer purchases.

Q: Is there any kind of list of marijuana customers that will be given to the government?

A: No. Amendment 64, which is a constitutional measure, specifically forbids it. The measure states: “The department shall not require a consumer to provide a retail marijuana store with personal information other than government-issued identification to determine the consumer’s age, and a retail marijuana store shall not be required to acquire and record personal information about consumers other than information typically acquired in a financial transaction conducted at a retail liquor store.”

joint in handQ: Can I smoke up at the store?

A: No!!!!! On-site consumption is prohibited at marijuana shops. You have to take your leaves (or buds) and leave.

Q: So where can I go to consume?

A: It’s a little fuzzy, but in general, you may not consume in any public setting. Some places may try to discreetly offer private areas where marijuana use is allowed or at least overlooked. Hotels have the ability to allow smoking rooms. The 1911 Steam Train Hotel, 719-298-8908, located across the street from 420 Green Genie offers 420-friendly Rooms where you can legally consume.

Q: Can I just puff at a park somewhere?

A: Absolutely not. Public consumption is banned, banned, banned and banned!!!

Q: Is it OK to drive with marijuana in my car?

A: Yes, as long as you are transporting it and not consuming it. Driving stoned is absolutely against the law. In fact, this year, Colorado passed laws that made it easier to win convictions against stoned drivers. The state set a standard of how much THC, the psychoactive chemical in marijuana, that drivers can have in their system. If a driver tests above that, prosecutors can tell the jury it’s OK to assume that driver was stoned.

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