Are You Ready For 420?

Happy 420

420-1♥420♥  Are you ready for the infamous 4/20 marijuana holiday! Heads up is quickly approaching? Do you have your shopping list ready? Have you broke open your piggy bank yet, checked under the couch cushions for every penny? For anyone who dosent know what 42o is it is a pop culture reference for marijuana  (Click for more info on what 420 is).

 As a smart consumer or as I like to say aCannabis Connoisseur, April 20th is one of the best days to find sweet deals, on some of the dank weed, infused products, concentrates, smoking devices and more. At our shop the 420 Green Genie we will be having some killer deals. We will have our signature Holliday $100 oz out the door oz (ON FRIDAY ONLY). $50 Shake oz. I know our concentrates like live resin, wax and shatter will be on sale buy 2 one 1/2 off or 15% depending on what it is. All Pipes are 15% off. Clothing are 20% off. PLUS

 Whether you’re a local or visitor, plan to stay busy at these smokin’ hot 420 events in Colorado, including activities, 420 friendly hotels and more.

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